The following are links to sites that we support or feel might be of interest to our customers and friends.  Click on the photo or logo for a direct link to their site.

School of Self-Reliance

The School of Self Reliance is the survival training school we recommend if you are on the west coast.  Classes are led by Christopher Nyerges and his staff.  Since 1974, Christopher Nyerges has taught over 30,000 students on Edible Wild Plants, Survival Skills, Orienteering, etc.  He is the author of seven books, including Guide to Wild Foods and Enter the Forest.  If you are on the west coast, contact him, and if you can't attend one of his courses, maybe you will buy a book.

"Wildman" Steve Brill

"Wildman" Steve Brill is New York's Best Known expert on edible and medicinal plants.  He is the real deal!  A wild food expert and author.  Check out his site!

Campcraft Outdoors

Campcraft Outdoors is owned by our good friend Jason Hunt. Campcraft Outdoors offers various outdoor classes to the public. They also manufacture their our own line of handcrafted waxed canvas bags, some made exclusively for us at Survival Resources. Check out the various courses they offer, and you won’t be disappointed with the quality of their instruction.


We have done two YouTube videos in regard to the GrainMaker Grain Mill under Self-Reliant Living in our Articles and Tips section. This is an excellent Grain Mill made here in the United States in Montana. We highly recommend it and often get asked where it can be purchased. Here is a link directly to the manufacturer. Check it out!

Nature Reliance School

Check out the Nature Reliance School run by our good friend Craig Caudill. They offer a multitude of class options to include Survival, Bushcraft, Land Nav, Tracking, and more. Craig is also the author of two books, “Extreme Wilderness Survival” and “Ultimate Wilderness Gear.”

Old World Alliance

The Old World Alliance is "Keeping the Old Ways Alive." Learn Outdoor Skills from the Comfort of your home with your favorite instructors.

Northstar Survival Solutions, LLC

Northstar Survival Solutions, LLC is a Connecticut-based company dedicated to providing practical and effective survival training to at-risk groups and individuals because, “Failure to Train, is Training to Fail!” They specialize in preparing small aircraft pilots to face the unique challenges of  post-crash survival incidents.

Snow Walker Outdoors & Guide Service, LLC

Check out our good friend, Brian Manning, at Snow Walker Outdoors & Guide Service, LLC. He offers various courses to include Tracking, Wilderness First Aid, Various Winter Courses, Canoeing Skills, and Survival for Hikers, Paddlers, and Backpackers. 

ASI- Australian Survival Instructors School

For those who live in Australia, check out the ASI- Australian Survival Instructors School. A very professional operation!

Disaster Prep Consultants

Disaster readiness is important for continuity of business operations as well as for individuals and families. Disaster Prep Consultants advocate a realistic and common sense approach to being better prepared for life's emergencies, large and small. Check them out!

Magnetic Declination Calculator

This is a site which has a calculator that allows you to enter your location, by either zip code or latitude/longitude, and obtain the current magnetic declination for that area.

USGS Topographical Maps

Buy directly from the U.S. Geological Survey.  USGS Topographical maps, Aerial photographs, Satellite Images, and Publications.  You can even locate and download maps.