Magnesium Pencil Sharpener - 2 Hole

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Magnesium Pencil Sharpener - 2 Hole

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Both of our high quality Pencil Sharpeners are made from magnesium in Germany. These pencil sharpeners are very light yet substantial! The other advantage of a Pencil Sharpener is carrying one in your fire kit. They are very handy to make tinder, especially when it is wet out. Scrape the wet outside off a stick, and quickly make some tinder from the dry inside. Give it a try!

Also, as with our Stick Of Fire (product number 12236) you can scrape off shavings of the magnesium to use as an accelerant to start a fire. Place the shavings on your tinder and strike with a ferrocerium rod to ignite the magnesium shavings which will help ignite your tinder.

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