Mini BBQ Tongs - 2 Forks

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Mini BBQ Tongs - 2 Forks

These are being redesigned by the manufacturer.  We expect to have them back in stock in 6-8 weeks.

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What makes the Mini BBQ Tongs – 2 Forks so special is the amazingly simple construction. They are easily plugged together to make tongs in the field, and when separated, you have two forks. When taken apart they save space in your backpack. That makes them ideal for all your bushcraft and camping needs. Sometimes it‘s just great to save space and weight. Moreover these are tongs and two forks for dining in the same time. The fields of applications are plenty. Besides the functions already mentioned they can be used for picking up small coals from the fire when making coal burned spoons or bowls. Each fork measures 6-7/8” long by 5/8” wide.

Here is a video showing the Mini BBQ Tongs and our Mini Bushcraft Pack grill.