Mini Loaf Pans - A Foldable Option

A useful item that can be carried in small survival kit is a Mini Loaf Pan. The Mini Loaf Pan can easily be folded flat for storage in a survival kit. It can be used as a cup or bowl, to boil water in, cook food, or even as a container to collect wild berries or other wild edibles. This tip was originally provided in my book, Build the Perfect Survival Kit. But for those who have not seen it, I will reiterate it here.  

Mini Loaf Pans can be purchased at most grocery stores. They are inexpensive and usually come five (5) to a package for about $1.29. They measure 5-3/4" long x 3-1/4" wide x 2" high. They effectively hold 1.5 cups (12 oz.) of water with room for boiling. There are various manufacturers, but I have found the "Hefty" brand to be the most robust, and take folding the best.

This is what you are looking for in the store.

To carry the Mini Loaf Pans in your kit, you need to fold them flat. I normally fold the ends in, and then fold the sides in, making a nice flat package for storing in a kit. They are so flat, you may decide to carry several, which I can fit in a small belt pouch survival kit.

Showing the two stages of folding, and how flat the finished pan becomes.

After folding the pan flat, we re-opened it and placed it on a Pocket Cooker to see if it would leak in the area where it was folded. It didn't leak at all during, or after the test.

The Mini Loaf Pan setting on the Pocket Cooker.

We kept the Mini Loaf Pan cooking over the fire until we had a rolling boil.

The water comes to a rolling boil in the Mini Loaf Pan.

Of course, if you carry more than one folded pans, we would recommend that you use a second one, inverted, as a cover for the first, to speed boiling time.

Mini Loaf Pan covered with a second one to speed boiling time.

It should be noted that these foil pans come in all sizes. The larger your kit, the larger you can carry. Sometimes I have even carried a lasagna pan, with the short sides folded down, in the rear of my pack. It works great for a fish fry over the coals of a fire.

Various sized foil pans are available from your grocery store.

It should be noted that I consider these pans a one-time use item. I have used them more than once, but consider them an emergency item. After they have been folded and unfolded several times, the folded areas crack and leak. Being inexpensive, I would recommend just replacing them after use.

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Copyright © 2005 by John D. McCann

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