Exotac FireSleeve™

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Exotac FireSleeve™

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The FireSleeve™ is designed to fit the Bic Classic Lighter like a glove.  A basic lighter is your easiest-to-use fire source, but if it gets wet, you have to get the flint dried out before it will work. The FireSleeve™  will keep your lighter dry.  It also allows you to secure it to your pack so you’re sure it won’t get lost. If you need to keep the gas button depressed for awhile to light your fire, you can do that with the unique gas lock.

The FireSleeve™ is waterproof to 1 meter (3 feet) for 30 minutes and floats.  It has attachment points on both the body and cap and measures 4" long when capped, 1.34" wide and 0.9" thick and weighs 0.8 oz. without the lighter.

Lighter not included!

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    Black, Orange